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Mitch and I have been full-time wedding photographers/videographers for about 3 years and we KNOW these decisions you are making right now are HUGE ones! Your marriage and your images/video are all you will have left after your beautiful day comes and goes. Which is why we know this investment is a significant one. I also know that the relationship we have with you is equally as important. 

On your wedding day, we arrive while you are getting ready and help walk through your wedding day by your side. We will spend the most time together on your day, from the time you start sipping champagne - ALL the way to the jumping barefoot on the dance floor and that is why we believe that this relationship is more than a simple transaction. We are HERE for all of the milestones (buying your wedding dress, deciding colors, finding a florist, ALL OF IT!) and we are cheering you on! We will journey through this process with you and we cannot wait to see everything unfold as your day approaches! 

I don't want to sound conceited... but there is something NEXT LEVEL about hiring a husband/wife team on your wedding day! Part of the reason we make such a great team is because we share the same passion for capturing your love story! There is a huge reason why we have this shared mentality - When Mitchell and I got married, we trusted our wedding photographer to take care of us and be an “expert” in his field. We paid (what I consider to be) a lot of money and saw some of his work which was excellent and made us feel safe in our decision! But when he came to our wedding, it was very clear his goal wasn’t to make sure he was helping us. Being a 21 year old bride who hadn’t been to many weddings, I had no idea what it meant to be “taken care of” by our photographer. I had no idea what to look for in a photographer to make sure we were getting what we paid for. I should have done better research to make sure I knew what was expected, but I just had no idea. I had some feelings on our wedding day that we weren’t getting what we paid for, but I figured he would take care of us. .When we got our gallery back, to say I was disappointed is kind of an understatement. He captured absolutely no getting ready, about 10 total portraits between us as newly weds, and out of focus photos of some of the special moments between family members. I was upset for a while. But when I found out what an experience with a wedding photographer should look like, that “upset” grew into anger. Anger at myself, anger with the photographer ... and although it has been 4 years and I have mostly made peace with it, it is still really upsetting to me that this "photographer" just got away with running his business like that. Over the past three years, I have worked really hard to turn that anger into PASSION. My goal is to make sure that brides and grooms are taken care of to the fullest extent of our capabilities. I want couples to get MORE than what they know they could get with a photographer and videographer. I want to take care of couples so fully that they can look back on their wedding and think “I remember everything so beautifully because of how thoroughly and elegantly everything was captured.” AND the thing that makes me nervous is knowing that photographers like ours are still out there, taking money from couples and delivering bad galleries. So if you leave me with nothing else, make sure to do your homework on your photographer and videographer! Make sure you like them and can see yourself having a good working relationship with them!



-A few need to know facts-

Kaitlin would do just about anything for a slushy... and Mitchell would assist

We have known each other since 4th grade (that's right... we are talkin' 15 years ladies and gents)

We have two dogs, Jax and Winnie (and we LOVE other dog parents lol)

After a wedding, you will probably (definitely) find us in the nearest McDonald's line grabbing french fries for the drive home

We love house plants... to the point where our home is a jungle lol

KM couples have the best people around them on a wedding day! We LOVE getting to meet your families and friends.

Part of an amazing tribe


oh yeah, I forgot to mention, KM couples are deeply in love and don't mind telling us a little bit about themselves!

Deeply in love


KM couples might be overwhelmed by the process, but they love all the ways they can incorporate themselves in the details.

detail oriented


...and sometimes a little weird or awkward lol. My FAVORITE pictures always come from the couples who feel like they are "too awkward" lol



KM couples are two people who are in love and who might not know how to pose or what to do with their hands lol but they are invested in the moment!  We live for the candid moments that happen ONLY at your wedding and recognize the aspects of the day that make it uniquely YOU. So an KM couple is a couple who values their uniqueness and all the candid moments we could possibly capture.

what makes an "KM couple"


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