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There is something NEXT LEVEL about a husband/wife capture team! We have a way of communicating with each other that non-combination capture teams could only dream of lol. We have been communicating through all the words and subtle glances for the past 10 years so what might look to the average viewer like just a couple blinks, Mitch knows that the lighting needs to change or I need some help fluffing the dress. The absolute biggest perk to this next level, time-created communication is that we are both able to get the best shots for each side of the coverage., making sure that photo and video are getting equally careful thought and execution. 

We share the same passion for capturing your love story because we have both been in your shoes before - 5 years ago to be specific! And if there is one thing I would do differently, it would be to make sure that we are hiring a capture team that makes us feel cared for. There are a LOT of options out there and although it can seem overwhelming, make sure that as you are looking, you find someone who is excited for you and makes you feel heard because that is the least you deserve! As a former bride and groom and as people who LOVE caring for others, our goal is to make sure you feel taken care of every step of the journey so that you can find comfort in our presence throughout your wedding planning process - knowing that we have got you! 

We are Kaitlin and Mitch




Just two high school sweethearts who are obsessed with "The Office", their dogs, and caring for people


about Kaitlin

I will travel anywhere for a speedway slushy... the coke or cotton candy kinds... nothing else 

I am obsessed with the tv show, "the office"... like... it probably isn't healthy but it makes my heart so whole lol

I went to college for biology to be an occupational therapist, took a year before grad school, found photography, and quickly decided this is what we are meant to do

If you catch me in the kitchen, it is probably for something coffee related... I cannot consume enough coffee lol

I live for fruit snacks... like literally the most basic gushers/fruit roll up/ walmart smiles kind of fruit snacks... it's a healthy obsession lol


about Mitch

I draw in my free time (which can be nonexistent at times lol) but I love drawing realistic pet portraits and I actually use to sell my drawings

I really like cooking. I grew up not super excited about it and then when we got married, I found out I am super into learning how to prepare food

I threw shot in college at a national level


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