I remember sitting in my apartment, just having graduated college, camera in hand, absolutely terrified to launch my capture business. I was terrified of failure, terrified of the responsibility of capturing someone's precious moments, terrified of the legal side of the business. I finally mustered the courage to launch my business and it was VERY part-time for a year. I had one wedding, maybe a few senior photo sessions and a couple family sessions. My business wasn't even a side hustle lol it was a passion project. In 2020, Mitch and I actually lost our full time jobs because of COVID... and there I was again, sitting in my apartment, camera in hand. I decided after a lot of thought to start putting full-time energy into my "side business" and although it picked up a tiny but, I really didn't see life changing business at first. I ended up reaching out to a mentor and I really invested in education and within ONE YEAR we had become a stable 6 figure business with steady incoming business. I want to say that again for those who didn't catch that... We went from making NOTHING to making over $100,000 in our capture business within ONE YEAR! Investing in my education changed my life. It taught me everything from how to shoot, to how to market, and how to create the best client experience I can. AND my goal is to help more people like me! I want to help you find stability in a job you've created yourself and I want to help you BELIEVE in your business!

Business Education



1 hour call | $250

This is a perfect coaching session for you if you're itching to up-level your business and want to dive into what can grow your business! This is a question + answer style session and you can ask me ANYTHING. Nothing is off the table!
Let's do the work! Please bring your insecurities to the table! You come prepared with questions and topics you’d like to chat about, and I give you my secrets and seasoned insight on every topic you choose. This session is ideal for the photographer looking to up their game and to learn more on how to run a successful photography business.

Online Coaching Call

5 hours | $1000

Weddings are our MAIN source of business and what we specialize in! This workshop is perfect for any photographer who is ready to fully invest in their business and get ALL the insight on anything and everything you need to know about running a successful capture business that works for YOU. You will be coached by me for 3 hours and then experience a simple styled shoot. During the coaching session, will dive into where you are at in your business and what goals you have for yourself by breaking down exactly what you’d like to take away from our time together and how I can shape your business by spilling all of my knowledge from my past 3 years in the industry. What is most typically covered: Personal branding, booking your ideal client, portfolio review, editing/workflow, LR/post processing, shooting in any lighting situation, natural and candid posing, goal setting, pricing/PDFs, contracts, and instagram/social media.

After our coaching session, you will have the opportunity to shoot the simple styled shoot along side me! I will show you how I get those BEAUTIFUL candid shots and then at the end, you will take over, giving you the chance to grab gorgeous images for your portfolio.

Wedding Workshops are in Columbus, OH and you can add a friend to your workshop for $400

Wedding Workshop



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